Evaluation and Marketing


The main objective of our marketing and evaluation teams is to understand and meet the expectations of our customers by following and anticipating trends in different markets.

Information on the latest market trends in the world of perfume is an integral part of our work.
Always listening to the needs of customers – is the priority of our evaluation team, which is able to propose an individual solution and offer the appropriate olfactory selection, respecting the restrictions imposed by each specification (IFRA, allergens, prices, etc.).


Our marketing department helps you to visualize the olfactory pyramids of our fragrances, describing the top notes, middle notes and base notes of each of them.

Olfactory creation


Our perfumer, Guillaume CRESP, expresses his emotions and his creativity through a very rich olfactory palette, subtly mixing natural raw materials with synthetics, which are rigorously selected.The choice of our raw materials is our priority, in order to ensure a high quality of the final product, identical to each order.

All our creations are targeted according to the sector chosen by our clients:

Néoparfums - la fine fragrance

Fine Fragrance

Néoparfums - la cosmétique


Néoparfums - l'ambiance

Home Fragrances

Néoparfums - la détergence


Quality and regulations


Our legislation department is following up the development of the latest European and international regulations.We can promptly offer you the adopted solutions combining quality, technicality and compliance with existing standards in order to protect the health of people.


Our goal: to ensure the consistent quality of our products. For this, we’re applying rigorous procedures of the quality control and traceability of our products. Each composition undergoes an olfactory and chromatographic control before shipping and a production sample is systematically saved to ensure the traceability of manufacturing.



In order we can offer the best quality of service, our team of laboratory assistants works rigorously on the development of compositions created by the perfumer, on the development of our customer’s perfume applications (candle, solid soap, cream, shower gel, shampoo, etc.) and on the sampling according to the customer requests.



Our priority – is the quick responsiveness and high quality. Our professional production team ensures the efficient management of the production and packaging units, in order to meet customer’s deadlines. With an optimized production capacity, we can produce on the customer request various product volumes: from one kilo to several tonnes of perfumed compositions, in full respect of the perfumery traditions.



The dispatch of our customer orders is handled by our logistics department which works in close collaboration with various carriers, to allow us to deliver everywhere in the world as soon as possible.

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